Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | November 30, 2006

A Reminder Why We Homeschool


Here’s one of the many “deep” discussions I seem to be having with the girls lately.


Megalos: “Mummy, why are you looking sad?”


Me: “Oh, I’m just feeling a little unsure of myself.”


Megalos: “Why?”


Me: “Well, because sometimes I feel as though I’m not doing a good job in teaching you at home.  And I wonder if you would enjoy going out to school instead.”


Megalos: “But I like our school.”


Me: “You do?  What do you like about our school?”

Megalos: “Well, we get to learn about God everyday.  If we go school outside, they won’t teach us about God.  They don’t talk about God.” 


Big Mac: “That’s right, we get to talk about God ALLL day at Mustard Seed Academy.”


Me: “Oh, I see.”  (and in my heart, I’m thinking woohoo)

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